®church of the kairos-houston
“we are a Christ-Centered assemblage navigating the way to purpose, assurance and wisdom,  in the fullness of God”

*this website is a unique learning tool of the teaching ministries of  ®undrai f. fizer international  

  and kairos inter-global incorporated

Our Kingdom Administration/Join us Freely on Sundays & Wednesdays

Church of the Kairos-Houston is simply the assemblage of various individuals who seek to make a positive impact in not only the lives of others, but in their own personal worlds, image, mentality, and hopes. In our times of assembly, we share powerful principles of our Divine Life, Identity, and Visionary Responsibilities in the world. Many embrace insights, practices, and principles of self-discovery that enable them to find courage within their own voice and mind, which in turn, empowers them to find assurance in their own lives. We find the ability to serve others without judgment, discrimination, or false expectations. Now mind you, COTK-Houston is merely a “medium of assemblage, empowerment, and higher learning. The real impact takes place in our daily life rhythm, relationships, and decision making; in living the fullness of God’s plan for your life without fear.  Join us every Sunday at 11a.m. and Wednesdays at 7pm.

Dr. Undrai F. Fizer, who serves as the spiritual teacher of Church of the Kairos, is also available
for consulting, development modules, and potential activations during the week. Sundays and Wednesdays are our specific times for community and gatherings. But everyday life is the “embassy for Empowering Contributions and Divine Ideas!”    Read below and schedule an appointment.

DAILY LIFE & BUSINESS/Schedule an Appointment for Your Business

KAIROS provides a myriad of services to humanity in the form of Literary Publishing; Business Development Consulting/Strategies,’Life Strategist Certifications; Individual Coaching/Counseling; and Institutes of Public Service. 

We desire to make our assigned contribution to one’s fullness of Spirit, Soul, and Body!
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