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Every sphere of industry begins with a thought.  

Whether it’s religion; business; entertainment; medicine; or public service and politics.  these genres are only has powerful as the imaginative thought and action that are behind them.

one of the tragedies that we face in life are found in the reality of being successful “in things we have no passion for!” We become stuck within the status quo, and become highly competent individuals without any power of vision. therefore, we find ourselves establishing infrastructures that reciprocate more “vision-less constituents, and the cycle remains.

for those who have recognized this personal conundrum, drs. undrai and bridget fizer have established a “divine science technology” that will help stimulate personal and spiritual shifts that if applied, will help unlock that missing piece that is responsible for hindering you from peace, and will release an enlightened power that will establish a new frontier in living.

Dr. Undrai F. Fizer is a commissioned Goodwill Ambassador, MasterLife Strategist, and Governmental Diplomat and Statesman.  He is also the spiritual teacher of the fizer centre of intuitive living, a spiritual awareness gathering and fellowship for the furtherance and maturity of sacred expression, purpose, and daily kingdom living.

*the fizer centre is connected to church of the kairos-houston, a non-denominational fellowship

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